Corona Familiar

American Style Lager
Corona Familiar has a long history in Mexico as a beer made to be poured into glasses and shared with your closest family and friends. One of the country’s most traditional beers, Corona Familiar is packaged in a classic brown bottle that is ubiquitous in all of Mexico. It is a bright, golden-colored lager with a clean, refreshing taste finished with a delicate hop bitterness. The light carbonation and slight head make this beer the perfect complement to Mexican dishes. Enjoy this beer at your next barbecue, with friends while watching the game, in the backyard, or at the beach. Corona Familiar contains 4.8% alcohol by volume. Best served chilled.

Style facts:

American Lagers are very clean, balanced beers with a crisp finish. This and the American Light Lager is what many Americans think of when they think of beer.

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